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Welcome to Tiny Homes Off-grid Life
If you’re looking for high-quality tiny home, with opportunities to upgrade or perhaps just to keep it simple, you’ve come to the right place. At Tiny Homes Off-grid Life, we’ll give you the attention and personal service you’ll come to expect. We offer the best in the placement of a Tiny Home into your life. We have been in the 'sustainable living' business for over 10 years now.  Let us put our experience to work for you.
Tiny homes are highly efficient and require only a fraction of the power that conventional homes do. As such, they can be powered entirely by solar or propane. We offer both options, along with an integrated water catchment system to provide ample fresh, running water.
Interior floor plans are available for both 20-foot and 40-foot sizes.  
We'll spend time with you creating your dream home.
We can do it all for you.  If you are handy, save some money doing a lot of it yourself!
Take a moment right now and contact us today for an immediate reply. . .
Quotes will include delivery direct to your home site.  
Many options available.
All Tiny Homes can be expanded at a later date, too!
Take a moment right now and contact us today for an immediate reply. . .
Affordable housing / Total financial freedom / A sustainable lifestyle / Totally expandable / Lower carbon footprint
Our Available Tiny Home Models. . .
20' & 30' Tiny Home Models Available Starting at Only $16,950!
Tiny Container Homes are:

Bigger – Shipping containers make large tiny homes.
Cheaper – Complete structure of home is provided by the container.
Greener – Containers are 100% reclaimed material.
Stronger – Containers are made of steel and will last a century.
Easily Movable – Since container homes are built with shipping containers, they’re designed to be moved. Our homes can be quite readily picked up and moved from point A to point B, usually for around $5/mile.
Get a House for Less than the Price of a New Car!
New technologies enable off-grid living without any real loss of convenience – solar is quite efficient and any 4G smartphone within range of a tower can be used as a 
broadband hotspot, serving up wifi and TV.

YES, you can live anywhere today, totally off the grid .. in fact, we can set you up 
with a house of your own for less than the price of a new car. We deliver and 
we assemble, nearly anywhere.